Yoga: The Untapped Brain Booster

Yoga: The Untapped Brain Booster

Have been looking for ways to improve your thinking capacity? Well, you might as well consider yoga. A recent study has indicated that when you engage in yoga, every week, you will benefit from a better memory A good number of people suffer from memory issues as age catches up with them.

It can become almost impossible to remember the names of people, places, or even words that would ordinarily spring up in our minds. Brain function weakens as you inevitably age.

The Good News

Fortunately, there is a ray of hope, with the emerging studies that as you age, you can mitigate memory loss and boost the functions of the brain with yoga. Yoga is a lifestyle which goes beyond meditation. When you combine physical activity with meditation, there are immense benefits for you. In another study, it was discovered that when stressed people took time to meditate before going out for a run; they had a significant improvement in their moods.

The University of California undertook a study to ascertain whether or not there was any relation between yoga and enhanced brain activities. This started with the recruitment of adults who were 29 years and above. These were people who had confirmed that they were anxious in their lives and the occasionally experienced memory lapses.

The Process and Results of Yoga

The people who were being used for the test were split into two groups, with the first one enrolled in brain training programs. This included classroom work and a number of mental exercises. The other group took yoga, once a week, for one hour and was taught about Kundalini yoga. This is a type of yoga that focuses on meditation, breathing exercises as well as poses and movement. Most of those chosen were new to yoga, as it was easier for them to complete the classes. The two sets of groups participated in the program for 12 weeks.

When the period ended, they were given cognitive tests and performed much better in the activities that involved thinking. However, the group that engaged in yoga showed great improvements in moods than those who undertook the brain training programs. They also scored higher on the test of visuospatial memory, which measures the ability to identify and have a better understanding of the environment.

The brain scans on both groups showed that the brain was actively communicating with the parts that are involved in language skills and memory. However, those who had been involved in yoga also showed that there was great improvement in the parts of the brain that deal with attention, which meant that they could multitask or focus better on a single task.

In essence, yoga was either at par with the brain training program or exceeded its results. As such, it is safe to conclude that yoga can be an effective remedy for brain issues and can be a great mental booster.